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Boondi Ki Kheer Recipe by Archana’s Kitchen

Boondi Ki Kheer Recipe is a lip smacking Indian sweet dish, where pearls of fried besan, popular as boondi are dipped in sugar syrup and kept ready.  

Milk, is reduced to get a nice thick texture flavoured with aromatic rose, earthy cardamom and a hint of saffron, and the sweet boondi is then added to this delish kheer recipe, that you won’t be able to resist. 

This boondi ki kheer can be served both hot or cold, totally the way you like it. 

Boondi ki kheer can be served as offerings to the deity during festivals and served as prasad, or as a dessert with your meal. Another interesting combination would be to eat it along with Puri Recipe – Learn to Make Soft Puffed Puris At Home

Serve Boondi Ki Kheer Recipe as a dessert after a meal of Dal Bukhara Recipe (Punjabi Style Black Urad Dal)Cheese Garlic Naan Recipe, Pickled OnionsPudina Mushroom And Soya Biryani Recipe and Coriander Tadka Raita Recipe

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