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America’s Favorite Grocery Store for 2018

Everyone has a grocery store they love the most, the place they’d always prefer to pick up their food — the store down the street from your apartment with the best produce, the one by your parents’ house that has been there since you were a kid. Can there be a consensus on the best grocery store in the country? Turns out, there is. Market Force recently surveyed about 12,800 Americans to find out which grocery store they love the most. The answer? Wegmans.

This is the third year in a row that Wegmans, which is located mostly in the Northeastern part of the country, has earned the honor. Market Force asked participants how fast checkout lines are, how clean the stores are, and if their preferred groceries are regularly stocked. The survey found that although Wegmans didn’t necessarily snag top billing in each of those categories, the grocery store chain did overall have the most loyal customers. Wegmans shoppers also praised the chain’s fresh produce, friendly customer service, and affordable prices.

A couple of other familiar stores we all know and love also made the list: Publix supermarket came in second place, while Trader Joe’s ranked a close third. Wegmans took the top spot from Trader Joe’s in 2016, which had long dominated the Market Force list.

Publix and Wegmans tied in two important categories: store cleanliness and item availability. Meanwhile, shoppers reported that Trader Joe’s has the fastest checkout lines and friendliest cashiers. Still, it looks like once again nothing can beat those devoted Wegmans fans.

Market Force also looked into why shoppers remain so loyal to a single grocery store chain, and found that it mostly comes down to a convenient location, although they also consider sales and promotions. And although few shoppers use delivery as their primary method of shopping for groceries, those who did say that Walmart has best delivery service.

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