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Cheesy Chinese Bhel Recipe by Archana’s Kitchen

Cheesy Chinese Bhel Recipe is a fusion recipe popular in the streets of Mumbai. It is made with crispy noodles tossed along with roasted vegetables in chinese sauces and cheesy pudina chutney. The flavour combination of Indian Chinese and Cheese are out of this world. 

Spicy, crunchy and bright this Cheesy Chinese Bhel Recipe makes a great snack for anytime of the day.Chinese food is a hit among all when you make them for your party. 

Cheesy Chinese Bhel Recipe is a recipe that you can serve as starters at any party. If you are serving Cheesy Chinese Bhel at a party them assemble the bhel just before serving or else the crispy noodles turn soggy.

Serve Cheesy Chinese Bhel Recipe with a thirst quencher like Kiwi Raw Mango Mint Masala Sherbet in the evenings.

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